Friday, February 22, 2008

GI Track Looks Beautiful!

Good news! David's GI track looks beautiful. I am a happy mommy! That's not to say he does not have gut GVHD, but just seeing his beautiful insides was encouraging. They took 12 biopsies, some of them are for intestinal viral PCRs. They will test the others for GVHD. We should get preliminary news on Monday or Tuesday. His cultures came back negative - more good news. The plan is, if he shows no GVHD and no positive intestinal cultures, the next culprit is the Cellcept (immunosuppressant). Then they will have to regroup and come up with an alternative to Cellcept. I'm glad we did the endoscopy. The whole proceudre (cleansing) was not that bad. Easy for me to say...I'm not the one undergoing the proceudre. Kids are so amazing!

We'll still be here until Sunday or Monday.


Sharon Stephens said...

Just want you and the family to know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I have loved reading your BLOG, and so very pleased that David is doing well today.

Love ya, Sharon Stephens

Catherine and Robert said...

Thinking of you and praying for you all.
Get home safe soon, love Catherine, Robert and William Curtis