Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stool Cultures - All Negative

The bloody stools which brought us here in the first place are all negative. They tested for Rotovirus, C-Diff, and a general panel of viruses. They all came back negative.

We are waiting for three things to happen before we are out of here:

1. The intestinal biopsy results
2. The CT scan of his chest on Monday to confirm he does not have a lingering mycobacteria infection from last year (April 06). Note: mycobacteria is very hard to treat because of it's waxy cell wall.
3. His IV meds to convert to oral meds.

He is dying to go home. I think we are shooting for Monday afternoon as long as he continues to do well.

He is eating and eliminating perfectly.

Thank you so much for your phone calls (Rosalind, it was great to catch up with you!), visits, emails, and prayers.

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