Wednesday, October 29, 2008

+820 Trip to Georgia and Day Hospital

Height - 36-1/2 inch
Weight - 35lbs

We are in the day hospital for Zenopax today.

His ear wax removal was successful. I had to put over-the-counter drops into his ear to soften the wax. The doctor was able to easily suction it out. We repeated the hearing test and he got good scores.

We took a 14-day trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia and Disney World, Florida from Oct 12-26. David did well. His skin started to flare up right before we left, so I've been using the steroid (hydrocortisone) creme. The creme helps but the improvement does not convince the doctors enough to taper his oral steroids. Thus, he continues to look and act like an intelligent 2-year old. That bothers me.

He contracted a cough and runny nose when we returned which could be why his skin has been more itchy. The thought being is that his immune system goes to fight the cold, not the GVHD so the GVHD flares up.

His hair has been growing into the sparse spaces and his scalp is not flaking either. I stopped using the scalp creme (trimethisolone) about 2 months ago. Hopefully, his hair will keep improving.

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