Thursday, November 06, 2008

+828 IVIG and Toilet Training for Chronicly ILL Children

David's labs are OK. His CBC (complete blood count) is normal. His chemistry's are not all normal. His kidneys were high. His Phosphorus was low. And his Prograf level was 20 (it s/b between 7-10). We skipped two doses of Prograf and went back today for a blood draw. It's 6.9 now. So we went down to 5.0ml/twice/day.

There really are no improvements with David. I wish I had good news, but I don't.

Dr. Argawal said they keep him on so many oral medications because they want to prevent scleroderma. She said if he gets scleroderma, no improvements can be made. So they will not try more topical treatments. This means they are not going to taper the steroids.

Good article on how to toilet train a chronically ill child.

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