Thursday, October 25, 2012

+2270 Thyroid, Growth Hormone, Cortisol

Great news today!

Thyroid Normal (with meds):  David's recent blood test for Free T4 (1.16) and TSH (1.75) have been in normal range for 1-1/2 years.  No changes needed to his thyroid meds.  The endocrinologist said that most post BMT patients with thyroid disorders will continue to take the meds until they stop growing.  5% of patients recover normal thyroid function and can come off the meds around age 18.

Growth Hormone Normal (no meds):
IGF1 - Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 was normal (106)
IGF Binding Factor was normal (3.6).

Height:  1.09 meters or 3 feet 7 inches
Weight:  22.09 kg or 48lbs, 11oz - slightly below average for an 8 yr old
Blood Pressure: 93/61

Growth (not normal):  He is still below the 5th percentile.  He needs to grow 4 inches in the next 8 months to get on the chart.  We know by his wrist scan that he is 2 years behind and may reach full height by age 20, not 18 like a typical male.  

Cortisol post stim (normal):  His level is normal (26).  Now we know that if he experiences a stressful situation (broken leg, car accident, major sickness) that his adrenal glands will produce normal levels of cortisol and he should have a normal response.

His doctor said: "David's cortisol response is excellent well > 20. No sign of cortisol deficiency. His growth hormone levels are stable within normal range.  No medical intervention is needed at this time but I really would like to monitor his height rate and see him back in clinic in April 2013. We may repeat his thyroid tests at the time of the visit as we may check other labs then too. "

He is good to go for now!


Peter Olson said...

Always love to hear good news. :-)
Thank you for sharing that.
Praying that the good news keeps coming.

Beth Aven said...

I saw the picture of David in his new bed and realized I had not checked his blog it awhile. He looks so well. So great that he's had all these experiences in the last year! I notice he is on levothyroxine -- as am I. I have become very sensitive to the sun since taking it. No fun. No fun at all...but better than being sick. :)