Friday, March 03, 2006

Got Platelets

I made a fire (yes, I know how to make fires, good ones too) and encouraged the family to come join me. Michael and I discussed the upcoming BMT and live-in nanny situation. The girls had a lot of questions. Adira expressed that she was worried, but I was able to reassure her that if we ask God He will strengthen us. I can tell the BMT will be a struggle for her. I told her there are many, many people praying for us, even people that we do not know. Ariella is too active to worry. However, she did ask if Uncle Robert was praying. After about 30 minutes, I asked Adira if she was worried about the BMT. She said no, but Wiskott-Aldrich worries her. Beautiful! The exact reason why we are doing the BMT. She also asked if David will be delicate when he comes home. What a sweetheart! Adira is really on top of things. She knew we decided not to do the BMT about 2 months ago and was confused to find out that we changed our mind. They are so happy with just plain simple answers. They ask all the questions they want, then go on with life. Children are so resilient! I was happy to finally talk to the girls. They have heard me talk to people on the phone and were getting pieces here and there. I think they feel much better and understand what we are doing.

I added CJ LaPenta's carepage to the list. He just turned 1-year old and is having a BMT in March. He should be going home about the time David is going in for his BMT. The LaPenta family is so sweet. Please visit his carepage and give them lots of encouragement during this difficult time.

David had another platelet transfusion today. I am able to keep him in a silly mood which helps relieve his fears. The last two transfusions have worked out great! He is not fearful except when they poke him. When I ask him "Do you want platelets?" He shakes his head yes. That's my boy! Transfusions will happen up until April 6, then we will re-evaluate the need for platelets. So he will have at least 5 transfusions between now and then.

I encourage everyone to give blood and platelets. They have to take more blood from you to make platelets. Without donors, David would not be alive. It was the platelets that stopped his intercerebral hemmorage. However, I give God all the credit. He is my Healer.


Anonymous said...

Hello Aimee,
My name is Julie Liscano and you actually posted a comment on the ITP discussion forum for my son Christopher. He was dx in August 2004 with XLT and I come to your blog at least twice a week and I saw some of the carepages that you have on your blog and I created my own. Here is Christopher's care page ChristopherLiscano
I would love it if you would visit his page. I would also like to keep in contact with you either this way or via email. Are situations sound so alike, but there are so many different ways that your doctors approaching things versus my doctor and I would definitely like to compare. Thank you and I look forward to talking with you soon.

Julie and Chris

Anonymous said...

Michael & Aimee
Our first son was born with heart problems. Had surgery at 16 mos to save his life. Had bowl reconstruction twice,etc. Nine major surgeries before age 4.We almost lost him twice. We believe in the Lord,prayed and never gave up. He is 36 now.It made our marriage stronger,too. Our tears,hearts& prayers go out to you & David. Henry & Shirley.

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