Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hazardous Materials

One item thats been disturbing is when the nurses give David his chemo. They have to wear a special blue jacket/suit and safety glasses. I have to wear gloves when changing his diapers. There are biohazard stickers all over the drug syringes. I have a degree in Hazardous Materials Technology, so all of this hits my heart pretty hard. What parent wouldn't be disturbed? Also, David's breath smells like chemicals. Amazingly, he is doing very well.


Anonymous said...

Oh Aimee: my heart aches for David and for you. We think of you both daily. As a family, we were talking about bone marrow transplants and David last night. M. wants to know more about the procedure so I am using the free information links you have on your blog to try and help him (and myself)understand what is going on. Our prayers are with you every night. D

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