Thursday, August 24, 2006

+23 Not Eating

I request your prayers b/c he is not eating. This time is crucial, when his cells are growing, for him to eat. He drank milk and a couple of Wheat Thins and breastfed all day. It's wearing me out. I have offered almost everything. The food and breastmilk are nutritious, but he needs more calories. He went down to 11.7 kilos this afternoon. If he goes any less tomorrow, they are sure to start IV nutrition. He is active and playful this afternoon/evening. There is nothing wrong that would cause him to refuse food. I told him they will put a tube down his nose, that's when he agreed to drink milk.

I'm taking two tablespoons brewer's yeast in the morning, prenatal vitamins, extra vitamin C, and omega oils. I think this helped him recover so quickly from the fever last night.


Anonymous said...

Aimee, the Prescription for Nutritional Healing 2nd Edition by Balch and Balch suggests:
For poor appetite: underlying illness, heavy metal poisoning and/or nutritional deficiencies.
It suggests: VERY Important: Bio-Strath from Bioforce, use as directed to regain strength and energy.
Floradix Iron+Herbs from Salus Haus, use as directed helps digestion and stimulates appetite.
Multivitamin and mineral complex with Vitamin A, calcium and magnesium, dosages given are for adults ;0. Vitamin B complex to increase the appetite. Zinc to enhance the sense of taste and copper to balance out the zinc.
Also helpful: Brewer's yeast.
Spiru-tein from Nature's Plus, take as directed supplies protein and acts as an appetite stimulant.
Herbs to stimulate appetite: catnip, fennel seed, ginger root, ginseng (but not with high blood pressure) gotu kola, papaya leaves, peppermint leaves and /or saw palmetto berries. (Most of these are also good when fevers are present.)
Check his tongue to see if it is coated. After fevers sometimes the taste buds get too hot and die so nothing tastes good.
You are all in my prayers, Mom E

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad to hear his wbc's are growing! Now praying for his little appetite to grow! Hang in there, Supermom!

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Phil. 4:13

"His strength is perfect when our strength is gone,
He'll carry us when we can't carry on,
Raised in His power the weak become strong,
His strength is perfect,
His strength is perfect"
from Steven Curtis Chapman's "His Strength is Perfect"

Sending Hugs,